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Trending: Bamboo Flooring in Bundoora

In the world of interior design, staying on top of current trends is imperative to your success. You’ve just accepted a couple of contracts for new homes in Bundoora and both have special requests for bamboo flooring. Increasingly popular due to its comparative environmental friendliness, bamboo flooring has caught the attention of contentious home builders looking for eco-friendly options in their finished pieces. Unlike hardwood which takes decades to replenish, bamboo reaches full maturity within a few years making bamboo flooring highly sustainable. At eHome Timber Flooring, we install high-quality bamboo flooring into Bundoora homes and offices made from the number-one bamboo forest in China. Our professional installation team is friendly, knowledgeable, highly experienced, and ready to guide you in this newer frontier of interior design.

Today’s home buyers are increasingly environmentally conscious favouring the use of natural materials over synthetic flooring options such as vinyl and laminate. We offer wholesale pricing to the home-building industry allowing you to create the look your clients want while saving them money. Bamboo grass is strong and durable, and when made into flooring, it provides a long-lasting finished surface that enhances the look and feel of any room. More resistant to water than hardwood options, and easier to maintain, it’s easy to understand the popularity of bamboo flooring throughout Bundoora. Day-to-day upkeep includes sweeping and damp mopping. Once scratches become evident after years of use, bamboo flooring can be sanded down and refinished to revitalise the look in a way that is impossible with laminate, vinyl, or tiles.

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