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Consider Laminate Flooring for Any Room in Your Craigieburn Home

Although popularised for its suitability in kitchens and bathrooms as a cost-saving alternative to tiles which can still withstand the likelihood of moisture associated with these rooms, laminate is a versatile flooring option that fits every room’s purpose. One of the most attractive features of laminate flooring is the virtually infinite assortment of wood finishes offered. The faux wood laminate flooring finishes allowed Craigieburn homeowners to take the headache out of hardwood floors without losing the look and style they sought. eHome Timber Flooring’s team of highly experienced laminate flooring installers available to Craigieburn dedicate themselves to revitalising any room of your home with quality flooring and a service-oriented smile.

When it comes to playrooms, for instance, you want an area that allows the child to be as messy as they want. Providing this play space is difficult on both carpet and hardwood due to the potential for stains and liquid damage from spills. Laminate flooring, however, doesn’t stain and is water resistant. Take a closer look, and you’ll start to notice laminate throughout your Craigieburn neighbour’s homes – and not just in their kitchens. Instead of individual tile installation, advances in laminate flooring have made it easier to install laminate using a click/lock design that reduces the chance of errors. Laminate’s stiff material is cushioned by underlays while the pattern itself is protected by a thick “wear layer” preventing it from sustaining stains or dents. The result is a sleek, professional, and stylish finish that is easy to keep clean.

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