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Make an Impact with Lino Flooring in Bundoora

As a business owner, you know the success of your business hinges upon the customer’s first impression. If you have an older building with outdated flooring, that obsolete design could negatively impact your business reputation and potentially your profits.

That’s why many savvy business owners are making an impact and changing their flooring to lino flooring in Bundoora. At eHome Timber Flooring we carry a large assortment of floor coverings that will match an existing business theme so you won’t have to do a complete renovation. Just think of how clean and sparkling your space will look with new linoleum!

We are a relatively new business with roots in Melbourne and customers all over Australia. Our workmanship is guaranteed, and we offer highly competitive rates for many flooring options to include wood, bamboo, laminate, vinyl, floating floors as well as the long-lasting lino flooring in Bundoora.

Our services include flooring products for residential, wholesale and business clientele and we strive to help you create a flooring design that works for your situation. Whether you have a high traffic area in a home or a bustling restaurant with chairs and tables scraping along the floor, we can help.

We are proud to enlist the assistance of our knowledgeable corporate headquarters and its factory to provide a wide assortment of lino flooring in Bundoora. Our professional installers are always on site to ensure a proper fitting for each flooring order, and we stand by our superior customer service.

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