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The Best Vinyl Flooring in Thomastown

When was the last time you loved your floors? Do you walk into your home and wish you could afford to redecorate and aren’t sure where to begin? Now everyone can get the best vinyl flooring in Thomastown thanks to our affordable pricing and fantastic customer service.

At eHome Timber Flooring, we help people create the home of their dreams using top quality vinyl flooring. We offer the residents of Thomastown vinyl flooring in a wide range of vinyl floor textures and colours to fit every budget and style of décor. Our inventory includes many types of vinyl flooring to include vinyl sheets which closely resemble the beauty of a slate floor as well as vinyl tiles that can form a sleek modular pattern of your choice.

Vinyl flooring provides a stylish option that is durable and resilient. Some advantages of choosing vinyl for your floor covering include durability and extended wear. Provided the vinyl floor is installed correctly over the appropriate type of subflooring, vinyl flooring can be tremendously dent-, scratch- and stain resistant.

Also, when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, no other floor covering compares to vinyl. It’s easy to keep your vinyl floor sparkling clean by merely sweeping regularly and using a standard floor cleaner.

The next time you’re in the market for a new floor, give us a call on 0433 963 166 and join the residents of Thomastown who enjoy vinyl flooring in their homes.

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