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Impress the Neighbours with Lino Flooring in Thomastown

As you stare down at your old flooring, do you dread throwing that annual dinner party due to the timeworn condition of your floors? Do you dream of receiving accolades from your family, friends, and neighbours about how beautiful the floor covering in your home is? At eHome Timber Flooring, we can make that dream a reality.

We are Australia’s newest leaders in lino flooring in Thomastown and provide a wide variety of floor covering options to include wood, laminate, bamboo, laminate lino/linoleum, and vinyl sheets. We also provide the fashionable floating floor (floor covering that doesn’t require glueing or nailing down) as well as the new and improved linoleum flooring in Thomastown.

Long gone are the days of unattractive linoleum. In today’s market, linoleum flooring has an entirely new image that surpasses the period when people used it an affordable alternative to expensive stone and tile. Our professional team will handle every detail of the installation of your new floors, leaving you with flooring to make you smile.

Fortunately, the linoleum of the 21st Century is still affordable, but now it’s created from eco-friendly, colourful and stylish materials. We offer consumers a wide assortment of lino flooring choices in Thomastown in an array of designer colours and patterns. This variety will help you create the look you’ve always wanted.

From a traditional marbled pattern that hides dirt efficiently, to the contemporary speckled design or textured designs, we carry them all. Our top-quality linoleum products will also blend to match an older existing design. This will allow you to upgrade portions of your home’s flooring if necessary without sacrificing a cohesive design.

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