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Use Hybrid Flooring to Restore Your Epping Firm’s Competitiveness

Your architecture firm lost out on another bid. You have been tasked to find out why and then submit a list of solutions that may make your firm more competitive. A little digging revealed that bid winners took special care to choose sustainable and eco-friendly materials in direct response to current sustainability trends. Your laminate and vinyl floors won’t cut it in this market. Hardwood flooring options are expensive and require extensive upkeep, but hybrid flooring offers 100% waterproof with less maintenance demand. Switching from laminate flooring to hybrid flooring would put your Epping company a step ahead of your competition. You need to secure a source of hybrid flooring for your Epping firm to add to your presentation.

Hybrid flooring is made from sandstone and PVC. Hybrid flooring is a rigid floating floor product that combines the best attributes of laminate and vinyl. The high-density core and tough surface of hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof. At eHome Timber Flooring, we import directly from  China, giving us access to the highest quality hybrid to use for your Epping firm’s projects and allowing us to provide the flooring at wholesale prices. Call today, and our friendly staff will be happy to offer you a free quote.

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