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Laminate Flooring Still a Popular Choice in Mernda

There was a time when laminate flooring was all the rage in homes and businesses around the world. Able to reproduce virtually any pattern to perfection, the world became infatuated with the fun and creative pattern options that laminate offered. Often accompanied by long warranties and virtually immunity to damages, the synthetic material doesn’t have the same hydrophobic limitations of natural material finishes such as hardwood. Resistance to water makes laminate flooring in Bundoora ideal even in typically high-moisture rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. Laminate flooring remains one of the most reliable and durable flooring finishing options for homeowners in Bundoora, being highly versatile and immensely practical. Call on the experience of laminate installers with eHome Timber Flooring to refinish your Bundoora home with high-quality laminate flooring that is low-cost, easy to maintain, and has lasting durability.

Unlike old laminate flooring, you do not have to assemble tiles free-hand. This labour-intensive process created inconsistency in finishes, and variances in adhesive would cause weak spots. Today, laminate flooring tiles in Bundoora have a special design so they can click together before installation to ensure proper placement and an even distribution of adhesive which minimises bubbling or peeling. Your Bundoora investment is protected by a thick “wear layer” atop your laminate design which acts as a layer of protection keeping traffic from ruining your print. Laminate floors also come with an underlay that makes the flooring feel softer to walk on.

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