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Revitalise your Thomastown Home with Hybrid Flooring

Your family’s home in Thomastown could use some attention. Multiple tiles in the kitchen are cracked, and the laminate used in the living room has serious signs of wear after decades of use. Unimpressed by the wear of laminate and unable to take on the cost of retiling the kitchen, you’ve turned your interest to hybrid flooring, a promising and stylish compromise that will work in both areas. In recent years, hybrid flooring has captured the preference of interior in Thomastown designers looking to find the perfect balance between the allure of using sustainable natural materials with the practicality of easy maintenance, water resistance, and durability. Impressed by the added sense of elegance hybrid flooring added to your friend’s home, you decide to call Melbourne’s eHome Timber Flooring for information, style options, and a free quote.

General maintenance for hybrid flooring in Thomastown is as simple as good sweep and a low-moisture wipe with a damp rag or specialised cleaner. Hybrid flooring is more water resistant than hardwood flooring options while costing about half price—therefore, choosing hybrid flooring gives you more value for your Thomastown project. Our staff is friendly, professional, and highly experienced. We’ll beat our competitor’s price and work quickly so you can begin to enjoy your revitalised home.

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