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Ditch the Wood with Quality Laminate Flooring in Thomastown

Everybody wants a hardwood floor until it starts to creak and crack. Regarded as one of the most high-maintenance flooring options, this classic finish needs regular waxing, occasional sanding, and should avoid all contact with water. Avoid the hassle by choosing laminate flooring for your Thomastown home. More than cost-saving, laminate flooring is practical because it’s easy to clean, comes with a layer of insulation that keeps the floor warmer as well as softer, and can withstand high traffic without stains or scratches. Regular sweeping and damp mopping is all that is needed, and you’re good to go! Let your home in Thomastown reflect the real you with laminate flooring tailored for every room in your house. Call eHome Timber Flooring for your free quote. Get that fresh wood look without the headache of upkeep.

One of the most attractive features of laminate flooring is that liquid spills aren’t investment-damaging. While you wouldn’t want to let liquid pool and rest on your laminate flooring in Thomastown, spills are easily cleaned up without warping or staining. Virtually immune to stains or dents in the finish, laminate has a thick “wear layer” that protects the patterned finish. While samples of laminate feel hard and uncomfortable, when installed, the underlay provides cushion and inadvertently acts as a mild insulator compared to hardwood floors. Our exceptional installation team ensures that tiles seal together tightly creating a water-resistant barrier that is necessary particularly in high-moisture rooms such as kitchens and restrooms.

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